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New client win

Ally Warren

1 May 2024

Three years after contracting coronavirus, Suzy Bolt has gone from bedbound to leading the largest Long Covid recovery and support program in the world. 360mindbodysoul provides a range of live online classes incorporating rehab movement, breathwork, mindfulness, Occupational Therapy, and other restorative practices that aim to reset the autonomic nervous system. In addition to reducing Long Covid symptoms, the program supports those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, burnout, and other stress-related illnesses impacting the nervous system.

We’ve partnered with Suzy to increase awareness of her program, enhance her profile among healthcare professionals, and refine messaging and strategy during a brand overhaul. With a business that has grown so rapidly, a strong strategic approach is crucial to maintain the community ethos that is central to the program's success and essential to the recovery journey of each of Suzy's students. Our goal is to reach individuals who may feel underserved by NHS support while preserving the program's authenticity. Through an integrated approach, no channel is left unexplored.

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